Families Counselling Services

Self development and growth  | Relationship issues  |  Marriage problems  |  Family problems  | Grief and loss  | Anger  |  Depression 
Anxiety and Stress  |  Suicidal thoughts  |  Adolescent issues, particularly for young men  |  Addictions and Health Behaviour change 
Life Balance  |  Chronic pain management  |  Traumatic Brain Injury​

No-one exists in isolation; problematic behaviour of one family member, or interactions between family members, and how this affects family dynamics, often brings families to counselling. Any attempts at change are often best facilitated by working with, and considering the family or relationship as a whole. Therefore my approach is to comprehensively address the family as well as the individual client. It is generally really useful to observe the interaction of other family members with the client, as well as the environment and community in which the person and family live. This allows the formulation of interventions leading to changes that can help the community as well as the family and individual family members expressing distress​

Area's of Specialty ​

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