Health & Safety


Enabling people in Organisations and Businesses to develop and maintain more healthy, productive and balanced lives


I have  developed a series of workshops for Organisations and Businesses like yours to assist your staff to be able to approach their work in a positive and resourceful state, and to give of their best. Providing the opportunity for staff, in these workshops to stop and assess what is currently happening, provides opportunities for growth and development towards achieving their full potential in all aspects of life. Some searching questions are asked about the fundamental foundations of health and wellbeing to understand how strong and well developed (or not) these foundations are currently, and how they might be further developed


Workshop Framework

A healthy framework is developed to create a balance between work and other important facets of life. This opens the way for increased opportunities; for time with loved ones, regular exercise and pleasurable activities which can measurably enhance quality of life, and the feeling that life is going so much better.


Tailored to Fit

Workshops are tailored to your requirements and budget, often half-day or full-day sessions are discussed, at your workplace or venue of choice, at a time to suit you. They are delivered in a relaxed informal way that encourages questions and writing personal notes, documenting progress in the resource document supplied to all staff. A follow-up session is usually arranged 4-6 weeks later, to consolidate progress and change and celebrate!


Your Facilitator

With my background qualifications and experience in Medical research, Mental Health and Counselling, I have developed some workshops, resources and tools that enable people to lead more productive and balanced lives. Through recognising what is not going well and what could be better, people are encouraged to imagine, plan for and move towards a different, more positive future, in small achievable steps.

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