Group Counselling Services

Self development and growth  | Relationship issues  |  Marriage problems  |  Family problems  | Grief and loss  | Anger  |  Depression 
Anxiety and Stress  |  Suicidal thoughts  |  Adolescent issues, particularly for young men  |  Addictions and Health Behaviour change 
Life Balance  |  Chronic pain management  |  Traumatic Brain Injury​

Groups can be a powerful place of change and growth where people come together in a warm, supportive and positive setting. I work with groups to create a safe, confidential space that encourages sharing and participation, allowing participants to realise that they are not alone in their situation. Brief sharing of individual stories can also be a deeply affirming and bonding experience with other group members. I work as facilitator to encourage both individual and group change. The Chronic Pain Management Group for example, meets for 10, weekly sessions of 1-1.5 hours in a relaxed, comfortable space. The group follows a planned framework, including homework, leading to positive and healthy habits for life. Effective pain management, is developed through mindfulness and brief meditation​

Area's of Specialty ​

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