Individual Counselling Services

When we meet, I will be curious about the problems and challenges that you currently face. I will listen really well to fully understand your difficulties and your view of the world. We will also work together to imagine the different future that you would like to have, when the problems that you currently face are gone or are under control. I will be interested in hearing how you will be acting or behaving differently then, too. By developing a clear view of a more positive and rounded future, we can then identify goals to work towards in small, achievable steps. I suggest homework tasks between counselling sessions that allow you to take back control of your life, and move forward..​

Area's of Specialty ​

Self development and growth  | Relationship issues  |  Marriage problems  |  Family problems  | Grief and loss  | Anger  |  Depression 
Anxiety and Stress  |  Suicidal thoughts  |  Adolescent issues, particularly for young men  |  Addictions and Health Behaviour change 
Life Balance  |  Chronic pain management  |  Traumatic Brain Injury​

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