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Mindfulness and Health


There is a lot about life that is wonderful, but it has its hard parts too. Look at the faces around you. They probably hold a fair amount of strain, disappointment and worry.. And you know your own frustrations and sorrows as well .The pangs of living range from subtle loneliness and dismay, to moderate stress, hurt and anger, and then to intense trauma and anguish. This whole range is what we mean by the term suffering. A lot of suffering is mild but chronic, such as a background sense of anxiety, irritability or lack of fulfillment. It’s natural to want less of this, and in its place, more contentment, love and peace.


One of the three pillars of Buddhist practice, Mindfulness involves the skillful use of attention to both your inner and outer worlds. Mindfulness means awareness. Since your brain learns mainly from what you attend to, mindfulness is the doorway to taking in good experiences and making them a part of yourself. Thousands of peer- reviewed research papers demonstrate that mindfulness reduces pain, enhances mental and physical well-being,health and helps people deal with the stresses and strains of daily life.