ABOUT Murray Cameron

Dr Murray Cameron

MSc(Distinction), PhD, DipMH, MEd Counselling(Hons). Provisional Member of NZAC


I have a background in Medical Research and Mental Health prior to Counselling. I am trained in Solution-focused, Narrative and Motivational Interviewing approaches, with Person-centered therapy as a relational foundation. I work in partnership with clients, guided by kindness, care and compassion.


My approach is to work alongside you, and I regard establishing a good relationship, where you feel heard, understood and respected, as crucial to our work together. I make no judgements or assumptions about people and so, ask curious, respectful questions to fully understand you and your problems, and let you decide the issues of importance for us to talk about.
I am also interested in us working together to identify your strengths, competencies, abilities, and to notice what is going well, even in the midst of your adversity. I am keen to hear how you would like things to be better and different in the future, whether that be when the problems are gone, or are more manageable, and in assisting you to develop clear goals that you can move towards in achievable steps.



My Approach


Your overall health and well-being are also important in aiding my understanding of your view of life at the moment. 

I usually therefore ask about the role of the “Four Pillars of Health” (Sleep, Nutrition/healthy eating, Activity/exercise, Pleasure/what makes your heart sing), in maintaining a healthy balance in your life. These four factors are often neglected, are out of balance or largely absent, and often contribute greatly to feelings of unhappiness, loss of control of one’s life. Reclaiming control by focusing on small steps and strategies to restore balance, often leads to rapid improvement in well-being, health and a renewed sense of purpose.Feelings of distress, primary and secondary suffering, are often helped by a mindfulness and brief meditation approach. Teaching you how to reduce your suffering progressively, allows you to begin living life to the full again.

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